Value-Adder: the right way to grow

The key to a great life lies in shifting your focus from accumulation to contribution. My mentors always taught me that your authentic self is the best value that you can add into someone because that’s something they won’t find anywhere else. Adding value can vary from lifting other people up when they are in their valleys to offering them the help they need. Sometimes just listening what the other person has got to say without passing any judgements is the biggest thing that you can do for them. Remember to keep recharging yourself as well along the journey by adding value to self before others; you can never pour from an empty cup.

Value People.

Value addition indeed plays Pre-requisite to all this is the foundational fact that if you don’t value the other person, you can not add value to them. If you observe closely and pick up the cues there is no chance that you can not find anything good in someone. Genuinely care and take time to learn about the other person; figure out how you can be of help to them. What is it that you can do to make them feel better? Can you do something for them, point them towards a direction or perhaps hear them out and make them feel valuable? Be appreciative and compliment people for their efforts but be careful to be genuine about it.

Trust takes Time.

Give people a chance to sample your character and build that trust and rapport so that they can feel safe in your company. Why are we lenient with ourselves when we make a mistake, give ourselves benefit of the doubt that we are learning but when it comes to the other person, we are not willing to forgive them? Be patient and ask questions to listen not to accuse.

Open yourself to receive.

There is simply no substitute for the rewards of helping other people grow, the pleasures of teaching other people to succeed. Nature does not allow imbalance and by that law, the more people you will add value to, the more you serve, the more you will get compensated eventually. Don’t hung up on the source or a person to get compensated.

The world needs people who can add value. Be a value-adder because that is the right way to go and grow.

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