Waves of Emotions: are you a master or a slave?

Waves of emotions, when high, gives you a jumpstart but once the feelings fizzle out, habit sails you through. Excitement is the spark that will not turn into fire till you supply enough oxygen of habit to it. Likewise, the emotional rush of getting into something new, may it be a relationship or a business, will give you that high, sudden burst of energy but what happens after the energy level drops? Do your work ethic depends on your waves of emotions? If yes, I have a bad news for you! To build anything sustainable requires dedication, focus and hallucinaogenic optimism.

Waves of self-doubt.

I can not agree more with my mentor when he says that it takes emotional grit to sustain the gut punches of life. Your business can only grow to higher levels when you start surfing on the waves smoothly. If you can’t balance the surfing board well, you are bound to fall and drown. Every time you hit the rock bottom, you can not question your decisions and cloud them with self-doubt. That way you will never be able to make the progress.

Are you a master or a slave to your emotions?
Can you tame the horse of emotions and take the charge?

Waves of decisions.

Once a decision is made, stick with it through thick and thin. Humans are creatures of habit and routine. The more you do any action repeatedly, the stronger the habit catch hold of you. Either you can take it as a feature or a bug, it varies from individual to individual and depends on the activity that you are repeating. Your habits can make you or break you, and it’s a conscious decision that you make to inculcate positive routine in your life because negatives are always easy to slip into. Every time you make the right decision to stand on what you decided, it solidifies your path to success.

Waves of success.

Success comes and goes because it is not owned but rented every single day. When you are on the ridge of success, you reap the fruits of your hard work when you were in trenches. Success valley represents learning. Once you build a positive habit, you will have a free space in mind to take up other challenging tasks and it gives a chance to explore the possibilities that the life has to offer.
Adrenaline can go on only for so long, what sustains the action required to achieve the goals will always be the habits that you form when you are in your highs.

Bottle up the excitement in form of routine and the defined habits will eventually set you free!

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