Servant Leadership: the (he)art of leading people

Building a business is not a one man show. You do not build the business, you build people up and then people build the business. Having the heart to give without knowing that who will stick till last requires selflessness and vision. A true leader is s/he who has a vivid vision and a game plan to execute it, who can see people as not just bodies but raw and untapped potential.

Servant leadership understands that there is simply no substitute for the rewards of helping other people grow, the pleasures of teaching other people to succeed, and the excitement of organizing a group of colleagues who spark one another’s enthusiasm

If it is true that people can grow, expand their capacities, jump higher, run harder, and compose greater music, that means that the ultimate leadership is servant leadership, for they will produce followers who will surpass them. Great leaders are those who wants to duplicate themselves and aid common people with will and vision to grow into a leader.

Leaders who associate the word leadership with power and authority ends up becoming a tyrant which leads to their downfall. On the contrary, leaders believing in servant leadership are people-centric, modeling servant leadership behavior and valuing service to others. They are humble and maintains integrity and transparency.

As John C. Maxwell puts it, leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. But to influence you need to have the positive attitude to become the right person. Being a great leader is all about having the willingness and a true commitment to lead others to achieve a common vision and goals through positive influence. No leader can ever achieve anything massive or long-lasting all alone.

Leadership is an art and it takes heart to learn it.

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