Death of inner critic: from listening to talking to yourself

If you listen to yourself, it is highly likely that you will talk yourself out of almost everything, may it be your job, business or life. Yes, Life! That’s the power that you hold inside your mind. Their are two voices present inside your head: the voice of possibility and the voice of discouragement, commonly known as inner critic. Making a conscious decision to fuel the voice of encouragement is very important to keep the critic at bay.

The inner critic is self-saboteur. Unconsciously, people set themselves for failure because thinking negative doesn’t take effort. My mentors always gives the example that weeds doesn’t require attention to grow and have the ability to grow anywhere there’s room. Whereas, growing a crop requires care and protection. Same goes with our thoughts, negative is easy but positive takes conscious efforts.

The inner critic weighs us down like gravity. If we let it over power us, we will find it hard to drag ourselves to our goals, and will not let us grow to our maximum potential. It holds us back from becoming what we ought to become. Self-shaming ultimately undermines our fragile belief in ourselves, which then shatters our self-confidence.
On the contrary, the voice of self-compassion pulls us up. It is the voice that picks us up and dust us when we fall down, arms us with immense confidence. The voice of possibility uplifts us and nurture us unlike inner critic, which sucks the life out.

Suffocate the inner critic

How to make the voice of encouragement dominant and silence the inner critic for good? When you speak out loud, the mental chatter stops. As soon as you catch yourself thinking negative, start speaking positive out loud. Repeating this will suffocate the negative thoughts.

Your inner critic is holding you back from moving forward, and it’s time you make a conscious decision of loosening its grip on you. It’s time you silence it, silence it for good!

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