Sense of Self: stand up for what you believe in

Why self-identity crisis?

When push comes to shove, you are all by yourself; and If you are struggling with self-identity issues in the testing times, it may lead to insecurity, anxiety and depression. My mentors taught me that building your identity first, lays the solid foundation for a strong empire. Identity focused growth is always sustainable. There are various reasons why people lose their authenticity. Some people silence their opinion because they want to be liked by everyone and want to appease both the conflicting sides. Whereas, others get repressed by the louder voices. Just to build relationships and connections, people tend to lose sight of who they really are.

What can be done?

Your identity and how secure you are is determined by, you taking a stand in what you believe in even when you stand alone. You need to stop being a blind follower and take charge of your life and how you want to live it. Taking a stand is a liberating expression of free will, which also can be a great litmus test to see who are your real friends because if people close to you can not respect your decisions then they are not worth being a part of your inner circle.

As you grow, in life or business, you will come across a lot of identities and characters with differing opinions and egos. In those circumstances, it is easier to lose your identity. The challenging part is, there is a thin line between pleasing people and connecting with people to grow your business. Tough and uncomfortable decisions pays off big time but doing that requires the cushion of self-identity to fall back on.

Self-doubts and insecurities cloud us all at some point of time. It is when we worry about not fitting in that we need to look beyond the fog and stand with faith and belief than ever and not fade away. That is what makes the massive positive difference.
Losing your identity can do enormous damage to your confidence and sense of self-worth. If not corrected with the right guidance, you might become a shadow of who you truly are.

“A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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