Growth-mindset has become a buzzword recently. Idea of being growth-minded is limited to level of efforts, praising efforts, celebrating mistakes, or only about power of thinking positive for some people. Majority of people find it cool to say that they are hundred percent growth minded. Let alone mindset, nothing can be a perfect hundred percent.

Growth-mindset or Fixed-mindset?

We all are a combination of fixed and growth mindset depending upon different variables like situations and circumstances. Even if we notch up the growth-mindset ratio, everyone of us has fixed-mindset triggers. When we face challenges, receive criticism, or poorly compared with others, we can easily fall into insecurity or defensiveness, a response that inhibits growth.
Growth-mindset behaviors, to name a few, are sharing information, collaborating, innovating, seeking feedback, admitting errors, taking responsibility and not blaming others. It also entails accepting others as they are and not judging them.

Can you turn setbacks to success? We all have the illusion that we were born a certain way, some people find it hard to wrap their head around that anything can be learned. People are not born intelligent or exceptional, they worked their way to reach where they are. Failures are painful but if you are a person with growth-mindset, you will understand that it doesn’t define you, just like your success doesn’t define you.

Can you be neutral when you succeed or fail? Success is not supposed to get to your head and failures are supposed to be taken as a learning experience. Failures will will make you resilient over the course of time, provided you stay consistent on your journey.

Are you not smart enough to solve it, or have you just not solved it yet?

Answer this question and you will know where you stand. There’s a “power of yet” that people with growth-mindset leverage to boost their confidence and make things happen. They understand that with their intentional efforts, it’s just the matter of time!

Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.

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