In 7.9 billion world population, everybody has an opinion about everything. Some gracefully keep it to themselves, others hand out freely without being asked. The bizarre thing is, people with a fragile backbone are open to receive random opinions from insignificant mouths. My mentors taught me to have roots deep and strong enough that no wind can shake your tree, that no lemons can make you sour.

Can you make a decision and take a stand on what you believe even if it means that you are standing all alone? It takes grit, resilience and faith in self to stand strong in storm of life. Life is going to happen and nobody can stop it but what is your attitude towards what life throws at you determines how far you will go in life. I always wonder, people who do not stand for the cause they believe in, how do they not fall in their own eyes?

Do you bruise like a peach or do you stay tough and stand tall like a mountain?

LEMONS : How you use them?

No matter what path you choose, there will be a crowd of criticizer ready at the other end to fill your head with doubts and negativities. If you are not grounded and strong headed enough, you will be floating like a kite aimlessly and when you hit the ground, people will step all over you. No one can slap harder to the people who does everything in their power to bring you down than your success. There is a popular saying that if life gives you lemon, make a lemonade but why do you want to drink the sourness which you did not ask for? The way I like to put it is; if life gives you lemon, cut it into half and squeeze it into the eyes of people who said you will not make it!

Billy Graham said a deeply beautiful line, Courage is contagious. When a brave wo/man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened!

Your cyclonic contagious energy have that velocity to influence anybody who has that flicker of passion, your fire can ignite fire in many hearts. Keep going, one more day, one more night.

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