Bulldog attitude is making a decision, latching onto that decision and never letting go of that decision. Not letting go when life is busy breaking your bones and ripping you apart. Not letting go when you are on your knees, bruised and hurt. You smile instead, in the face of your adversities, for you know what comes next. If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Some people vanish into thin air after hitting the first obstacle they encounter. If they feel the slightest bit of discouragement or frustration, they will abandon even their biggest goals and dreams in a blink of an eye, without skipping a beat.
On the contrary, some people simply NEVER give up. They have ferocious persistence and they never let go of their dreams. This category is like the bulldog that refuses to release its teeth-hold on a bone. The harder you try to pull the bone out of his mouth, the harder the dog holds onto it with a strong grip.

Bulldog Mindset

People with the bulldog attitude understands that there is no failure; only feedback. You don’t “fail”, you only get results. A lot of people bail out because what they tried did not work out in the first attempt. They mistake a minor turbulence as a permanent failure and take it to their heart.
People who see negative results as permanent failures are the ones who give up without a fight and often generalize their “failure” into other areas of their lives and even into their own sense of self. Not only their self-image takes a hit but confidence also flows down the drain. On the other hand, people who understand that obstacles are temporary, they make the most out of their learning, never repeat the same mistakes and make their success inevitable by not quitting.

Hold on with a bulldog grip, and chew and choke as much as possible. – Abraham Lincoln


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