An investment mindset is all about thinking, planning and executing well to improve future. People with investment mindset understand the basic yet powerful law of sowing and reaping. Unfortunately, this principle takes a backseat in our busy lives while we are chasing after the illusion of gratification that is, the instant gratification!

An Investment Mindset | Compound Effect

An investment mindset is not strictly relating to money but rather how you value and invest your time; improve and utilize your skills; and execute your plans. It is about looking at the bigger picture instead of having a short sighted view. How your current decisions will impact you down the road? Will your present choices deteriorate your health, your wealth and your happiness in the long term? After counseling with my mentors, I realized that the distractions and poor choices appears to be attractions in the beginning but as it compounds over time, you will fall of the chair by seeing the results.

In order to develop and practice an investment mindset, one must think about sowing and reaping constantly. To follow the principle diligently, you need to have discipline, focus and will power to keep yourself in check. Every success comes at a hefty price of practicing discipline and sacrificing. Every failure occurs because someone was not willing to pay the ultimate price it took to achieve success.

An investment mindset means your mind is set on the future rather than the present and past. Are you ready to give up a few insignificant things or set them aside for a while so that you can invest it for the future? What you sow is what you reap. Putting in the hard work today and delaying the gratification for a period of time will lead you to a brighter and predictable future!

The Rich Invest in Time, The Poor Invest in Money. – Warren Buffet

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