Work life balance, in a nutshell, is equally prioritizing both, the career demands and the other aspects of life, to have a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. It is the state of equilibrium that gets hard to achieve with every added responsibility. Poor work-life balance not only makes you dull but will make you cranky, creating friction in your relationships. While some level of stress can be very productive, prolonged and high levels of stress can lead to mental health issues, including depression.

As we grow increasingly more connected through technology and social media, it is becoming more and more difficult to draw a line between work and our personal lives. With the access of our office at the touch of a button, the lines are blurred. We are so busy in making money that we lost the point why we were hustling in the first place!

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Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not only important for health and relationships, but it also improves the productivity, and ultimately performance. Businesses that gain a reputation for encouraging work-life balance have become very attractive, both for business owners and for employees.

These are the conscious decisions that we make. When we find and sustain a healthy work-life balance, we develop the ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Mindfulness increases the efficiency.

I have learned from my mentors that wealth is not just money but a combination of money and time. Even if you work 24 X 7, which is humanly impossible, and you make a lot of money but the other significant aspects of your life are deteriorating because you do not have time to nurture them by spending time, then what good that money is? Do you want to be all alone when you reach to the top, if you ever reach to the top?

We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list. —Michelle Obama

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