Smash the clock and take charge of your life before you run out of time. Nobody is a fan of 9-5 routine. Be it single, or a family person, regular jobs are not something anybody wants to pursue till the age of retirement. When I say age of retirement, most of us imagine ourselves with a bent back, in a rocking chair with a cup of tea, and television as a background noise. Or probably gardening and bickering about the mischievous kids next door. What makes me say that? On an average, Indians retire at the age of 60-65. What makes you think that sufficient battery will be left for you to do things that you always wanted to do?

It won’t be wrong to say that a significant percentage of employees working in the private sector want to retire early so that they get to pursue their individual interests. Whatever you are doing right now, will it get you what you want in your life? If not, you better start finding alternatives because it is not just time that you are exchanging for money but also the energy that you are losing in the process.

Extend your Weekends | Smash the Clock

I always thought that it was time that we needed to retire because from my observation, only 60 above used to have retirement parties. Gradually, I came to realize that it was not the time but the bank balance that determined freedom. It is the limitation of what you can earn in the employee quadrant that makes the financial independence a far-fetched dream. Only privileged people can afford to be the masters of their clock. Can we not figure out a way to smash the clock early? What if we compress our 40 years of service to 5 years of grind and set ourselves and our future generations free from the tick-tock of the clock?

The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, it’s at what income. -George Foreman

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