My mentors are my guiding light. Someone who’s accumulated their wisdom through years of experience and who are not only providing me insights into building a sustainable business and fine-tuning my skills but also helping me with the other aspects of my life. This is a gratitude blog post with my personal testimony as to how my mentors impacted me, and changed the entire course of my life for good.

All the crucial decisions that I make in life, my mentors spend their time as a second set of eyes on my decisions. Having an expert opinion simplifies life a lot, and I bound to make lesser mistakes. My mentors do not serve me solutions on a platter, they question my status quo in a way that stretches me. They make me think differently. They are the ones guiding me and aiding me to achieve my dreams and goals with their sincere advice. One of my mentors said, if you want to bring a person where you are, go where they are, hold their hand and bring them with you. This is exactly what they do for me. Instead of telling me how, they show me how to set and achieve a goal or how to make the right decisions. What more? They do not make me feel less of a person.

Mentorship | Builds Resilience

Having a mentor in your life does not mean that you will not encounter problems anymore, it means that when you face any challenges, you will have a rock solid support to back you up, a cushion to fall back upon. They will pick you up, and brush the dust off. Last month, I was struggling to keep my sanity. With parents hospitalized due to covid, sister panicking, all the pressure was on me being the eldest. Not only it was physically taxing but emotionally draining as well. If it were not for them, it would have been impossible to handle, what life was throwing at me, gracefully. They replaced the graveyard of my thoughts with seeds of courage, hope, and belief, and continued to water them with their constant support. The biggest thing that I learned was, how to take eyes off yourself and being there for others. My mentors were going through some challenges of their own, yet without skipping a beat, they were there for me. Checking on me on a regular basis, empathizing with me. They were not forced to do it, they chose to do it.

My mentors inspire me, chisel the rough edges, strengthen my weaknesses and further enhance my core strengths. Always having the best interests in mind, they are particularly insightful when it comes to setting priorities, achieving work-life balance, and not losing sight of my values.
They help me see light through the cracks during tough times.

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. _John C. Crosby


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