Fixed beliefs are the tenets or convictions that people hold to be true. Some people choose to stick with it even when they are presented with the facts against whatever they consider to be absolute truth. Learning from our experiences, and making a mental note of it, is highly important to avoid repeating the same error. However, limiting yourself to that one experience and filtering anything that comes your way through the same lens, sets you on the path of the limited possibilities.

Fixed Beliefs | Hinders Growth

Valuing the difference in opinions and understanding other perspectives, adds to your knowledge. Fixed beliefs hinder growth and box people up in the world they know. They miss out on diverse things that they could have been a part of. What more? People die without unlocking their maximum potential.

Meeting new people and interacting with them can open doors that you were never aware of. But to that happen, you need to open yourself to new information and feedback. Admitting that what you knew had an expiry date. Knowing that change is the law of nature and the data keeps upgrading with time, is wisdom. What was true in the past might not hold any significance at present.

Being flexible does not mean that you blindly follow any information that comes your way. You must be careful with where new information takes you. Shunning any new idea or perception away on the basis of opinion that you made, without evaluating it, is the beginning of your downfall.

What you believe influences your actions. Re-examine your convictions, and come to new conclusions about what is true. Shed the beliefs that do not serve you for they are holding you back from becoming what you could have become.

Lawrence M. Krauss rightly said, It’s amazing to discover that you are wrong. In fact, it is liberating. It is not a threat. It opens your mind.


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