GHASH stands for growth-oriented, humble, appreciative, smart and hungry. The combination of these five qualities are a prerequisite to begin an entrepreneurial journey. To sustain the momentum and achieve the set milestones, they must be incorporated in daily routine.

One of the renowned ecologists adopted three core features of ecosystems: co-evolution and mutualistic interdependence among a complex nested system of diverse organizations and actors. There is no difference when it comes to an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Dynamic nature creates the necessity to have some core principles that can bind it all together. Let us look these basic but mandatory qualities in detail.

GHASH | Growth-oriented

A growth-oriented person further exhibits four essential qualities. Firstly, they are outcome focused. Results-driven individuals are able to take ownership of both process and outcome. Secondly, they are good risk managers. They identify the risk and work around them and do not let any obstacle stop them from achieving their goals. Thirdly, they identify and leverage the patterns. Pattern recognition helps them to eliminate constraining business behaviors. Fourthly, growth-oriented people are a power house of energy. They have contagious enthusiasm that can power a whole city.


Humility goes a long way. The great leaders are humble leaders. Leaders are human too, and they bound to make mistakes from time to time. But they have the humility to accept their mistakes and seek apology. They understand their limitations and never shy away from seeking input from others. Recognizing weakness, being authentic, building trust, respecting others and different perspectives, leading by example, all these are the traits that come under being humble. If you can cultivate humility as a skill, you will be strong when you are weak and brave when you are scared.


Being appreciative unlocks the blessings. Can you take your eyes off what you do not have and be grateful for what you have? Mindset of appreciation develops over a period. A mindset that teaches you to look at life in a positive and hopeful way. Many times we do not know the value of what we have in hands till it is gone. We work hard to achieve a goal but once achieved, we lose interest. At the same time, being satisfied with what you have does not mean that you give up the fire to become better.


Needless to say, having common sense is equivalent to being smart. Smart is the sum total of many characteristics. They make decisions based on facts and intuition. Like my mentors say, smart people are first-handers. They prefer to make their own opinion and do not react upon opinions of others. Open-minded, timely, independent decision maker, lifelong learners, believers of paying it forward, are a few traits of smart people. They keep reinventing themselves to keep themselves update.

GHASH | Hungry

Successful leaders are never fully satisfied. They keep challenging themselves by setting the standards high. They are aware that they do not know everything, and they strive to learn more and more. A hungry person is one who is seeking truth and is willing to invest the time, money, and sweat-equity to learn leadership truths.

All these qualities are further bound together by patience. Nothing will work out in the business world, if you lack patience. Understanding the simple yet powerful law of sowing and reaping is the first stepping stone.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better. — Jim Rohn


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