Be all in, is an idiom that emphasizes total commitment. Wagering everything you have all at once with a mentality of never looking back, no matter the circumstances. It is all in your head, they say! We all have highs and lows in life, and we need someone to vent it out before the pressure builds up and do the damage beyond repair. I am blessed to have mentors in my life who not only listen to me patiently, but also guide me through the hell-hole, i.e., my mind.

Be All In | Respond not React

Planning for setbacks will prepare you mentally. It is not what happens to you that throws you off guard but what you do afterwards. Do you react or do you respond? Ability to hold up after a setback determines whether you will spiral out of control or not. When you encounter a setback, you tend to go out of focus. In order to regain your focus when things go wrong, identify what re-centers and stick to it. There is no specific way to re-center, different things work for different people. The point is to know what to do when the pressure mounts. Having a plan in place will give a boost to your self-confidence.

Being all in does not mean that you will not face challenges or the pressure would be any less. It means that your desire to reach your destination is far much higher than the obstacles that will come your way. To be all in, you must have a strong reason. Without a strong “Why” you will bruise like a peach under mild pressure.

Till you not sustain the heat, the mental pressure, and the emotional pain, neither you will develop the grit nor character. To shine like a diamond you must go through immense pressure, cutting, and polishing. Everything will be worth in the end!

Today’s Pain is Tomorrow’s Power. – Rigel J. Dawson


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