Failure, for successful people, is an illusion created in their minds. They either get the desired results or they get the feedback. My mentor says, no past is a wasted past. Every failure is a learning experience, it teaches us what not to repeat. It makes us think more efficiently in terms of putting in the efforts and getting the output.

Why are we so afraid of failures? The biggest reason of all is, what if our failure confirms our worst fear: that we’re not good enough? As we grow older, roots of fear grow deeper and branch out wide. If, you see failure as humiliating then it will be fatal for your mental health. Not only will it damage your will power, it will stop you on your way to success. Failing in any area of life can be terrifying when you look at it that way, and can impact other aspects of your life.

Failure | Shift your perspective

However, there is another side to failure! Either we can react to it or respond to it. We had discussed reactive response and its repercussions in the previous paragraph. Responding means understanding logically those failures are experiments. Feeling dejected and frustrated is normal but you do not have to judge yourself. We are all work in progress and you need to make peace with the fact that you haven’t gained enough experience and knowledge to know how to act to a situation.

You are bound to make mistakes while working towards a goal. It’s just an inevitable part of the process to getting better. Depending on the magnitude of failure and brain wiring, it can be easy or hard to recover from. If you are certain that you are going to fail, you might as well prepare for it. Anticipate where things can go wrong and map out a way to get past through it.

To conclude, your failings indicate that you tried. The success formula states, more the failures, more the success. The important thing to remember is, your failure does not define your worthiness. It is just a step to get past to advance towards success.

Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of success.


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