Commitment to consistency leads to emotional stability. We all go through highs and lows, unpredictable circumstances, some traumatic, some pleasing. One moment, you feel on top of the world, the next moment, you discover the basement beneath the rock bottom. Anyone can perform in ideal circumstances. Our performance in emotional extremes is what counts.

Allowing extreme situations dictate our daily activities takes no effort. That’s why most people give in as the heat increases. When things are going your way, it is tempting to slack off to celebrate. Similarly, when things go wrong, it is considered natural to put a pause to throw a pity party, or even give up. People who perform based on burst of energies tend to fail. Anyone can have a single great day, but what’s the point of one good day surrounded by dozens of mediocre days? Success does not demand perfection, it demands consistency.

Commitment to consistency | Habits

Staying consistent when you are in valleys take intestinal fortitude. When you deny giving up or take a pause in rough times, is when you build emotional stability. Going against the current might take more efforts than usual, might stretch you and might be painful but it will make you unstoppable. Regardless of what’s going on and how you feel, whether you are going to show up or not will make all the difference.

People with strong belief system, value consistency. They are strong at their core and understand that when they can not run, they can always crawl. Varying progress is normal, all they care about is making progress, no matter how small.
The typical person doesn’t value consistency like this. They willingly match their behavior to the extreme emotions they feel, and prefer to go with the flow of life. They choose the path of the least resistance.

When life shifts gear from great to worse, consistency shines because when life takes a wrong turn, you fall back on your habits. Habits might seem redundant and not attractive, but they are the strongest base that you can have for your emotional stability. Your habits will help you get through the tough times provided you decide to stay consistent.

Perseverance, determination and consistency are key to overcome any eventuality. – Anil Sinha


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