The challenges we face, make our achievements worthwhile. This simple statement is packed with immense strength, wisdom, and courage. When our blinders are on, and we are marching towards our goals with full force, obstacles can shake us but can not stir us. Champions understand that perseverance makes them stronger.

My mentor says, “when your story has those valleys and you pull the strength to climb up, that will inspire many and makes you the hero”. Now, who doesn’t want to be a hero? I know, I do!

Every one of us have a saturation point, it varies on the basis of emotional maturity of people. Some people have a low saturation point as compared to the others. When things go beyond your handling capacity, it is wise to let another person intervene and, help to see things objectively instead of jumping on to conclusions. Impulsivity will cost you a fortune and will leave you bankrupt, literally and emotionally.

The Challenges | lean into mentorship

I consider myself lucky to have mentors in my life who are predictable, understanding, and have got my back. Instead of letting traumatic events siphon off all my energy, I lean into the mentorship as soon as I see smoke. Once it turns into flames, nothing can stop from burning all down to ashes.

Having role models that you can look up to in the time of adversities, who cares for your success, who speaks belief into you, and has vested interest in your success is very important. Why? Because life is going to happen anyway at least you will have a cushion to fall back upon! You might get slightly disturbed or emotionally affected by negative experiences, but with a little guidance, not deeply enough to change your behaviour or way of thinking.

The path to success gets darker as you are about to have a breakthrough, it is then the guiding light of a mentor keeps you from stumbling.

Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.
Roy T. Bennett


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