Becoming takes overcoming. It is never what you do but it is who you become in the process of achieving results. This a very popular and profound statement. So many people focus on polishing the surface, adding another feather to their hat. They miss on the fact that if they take time to fix the roots, the tree will shoot up healthy and high. Even I was focused on chasing the results till I met my mentors.

My past efforts at change in all areas of my life failed because I was asking the wrong questions all along. What do I need to do to achieve a goal? I was so fixated on what and how that I missed the points that really mattered.

After counseling with my mentors I realized, the questions I need to ask were Why do I want to do something, and who do I need to become? They say, change should be from inside out and not the other way around. This perception challenged my status quo and made me rethink my preset notions.

When you focus on becoming the right person, you start attracting the right people. It gives you immense satisfaction even if you fall short of the goal. Materialistic achievements can be lost in one pitch-and-toss but the character you develop through the process stays with you, gives you the strength and wisdom to build it all over again.

No matter what it is we want to change, we’ll never achieve lasting change until WE change. Like most people, I was under the impression that my environment is the variable. With constant huddling I understood that once WE improve, everything else around us will improve. We are the only variable affecting our growth, constantly blaming others and circumstances.

Before you can have it, you must do it. Before you do it, you must become it. Becoming is a decision you take. First, you make a right decision and then you make that decision right!

To achieve something you have never achieved before you must become someone you have never been. – Les Brown

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