The entrepreneurial mindset switch takes time to flip depending on the depth of the conditioning. Business is a slippery tight rope and you don’t want to fall off. Why still people want to venture into that arena? With big risk comes huge rewards. There is no way to avoid the risk but you can curb risk by choosing a strong rope and building a strong grip.

A business mindset knows that a business is not something that you own, you have a relationship with your business. I prefer to think my business as my baby. My business depends on me in the initial stages from conception to implementation for nourishment, protection, growth, and all this requires patience. Sometimes, I find it frustrating, it gives me sleepless nights but at the same time floods me with euphoria. It riddles me yet consumes me whole. Self-doubt chomps at my brain but brash confidence appears from nowhere to work on what is planned.

Ironically, we humans have limitless potential but, we have limited ourselves from tapping into that potential. You need to have the hungry focus that leads you into situations you’d normally avoid. Your inner drive can sail you through any difficulty. All you need to do is trust. We all have hidden reserves that comes out when we stick to our guns even though the world is against us. If you are completely sold out to the cause you are working towards, that you do what you have to do, keeping all emotions and second guessing aside.
Skill sets can be developed by incorporating them in the form of daily habits. My mentor says, use your business as a line of reference, anything that is parallel to it is worth your time and attention. It also acts like a mirror that shows you what needs building or reinforcing.

The entrepreneurial mindset | It takes grit

As an entrepreneur, a lot of negativity is going to come your way but how you react to it, will make all the difference. A profound statement made by my mentor shifted my perspective radically, “My reality is my reality, and I have the power to reject the other person’s reality.”
The entrepreneurial mindset, in a nutshell, is figuring things out. You might think you have a solution or you might feel completely lost, it doesn’t matter. If something needs to get done, an entrepreneur will get it done despite the circumstances.

Roy Ash: “An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he’ll quickly learn how to chew it.”


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