An invincible warrior is a tribute to man of the power, a battle-hardened leader whom I look up to. An entrepreneur who had gone through countless make-or-break moments. He could have quit, any ordinary person would have, but he held on with stunning success. Following are a few observations that guides me out of the tunnel of despair. This particular blog is a tribute to the man of steel and velvet, from whom I siphon strength when I fall short.

To my coach, my counselor, my mentor!

An Invincible Warrior | My Observations

When you don’t feel much pressure, you’re often not close to success. Breakthrough moments are often the result of many previous actions. It builds up the potential required to unleash a major change. Every dent counts.

The dark moments are when your character is built. Adversities will cut you open and show you who you really are. Understanding that challenges are part of growth gives you the serenity to handle what might normally be a devastating time. If you are in for a long haul, you will come across obstacles and unbearable situations but with the help of a mentor, you will come out of it as a powerful entity.

Weathering the storm all by yourself is not a great situation to be in. If your roots are tied to a big banyan tree then no storm can shake your tree. Entrepreneurship is a long journey in a desert with the scorching sun above and sand below, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Surround yourselves with people who care about you and really want to see you grow. Stay away from dream stealers and energy vampires.

With a calm tone my mentor once said, get your sh*t together. Sometimes this is all you need to hear to come out of your victim bubble. We all have ongoing internal dialogues, sometimes they are fear based while the other times they are based on faith. Always focus on the best-case scenario. Don’t let the made up situations cloud your head, they might not even happen!

When things start going south, detach emotionally. In every crisis, there lies a seed of equal or better opportunity. Keep your eyes peeled on the positives you can control, and review the situation objectively.
Staying optimistic and finding small wins to celebrate during struggling periods is both vital and valuable. Assign the power to a trusted mentor to influence you and keep the communication channel open so that they can give you a hand and pull you out of the ditches.

When things go haywire, put things into perspective. The problems you might be facing are not even that big. It’s important to realize that they’re not the end of the world. Consider and compare the facts, it will provide perspective and will allow you to appreciate the challenges before you with a sense of gratitude.

Last but not the least, are you true to your vision? Undeniable certainty in your vision and purpose is the only way you will break through those crazy, overwhelming, desperate times. If your vision is not strong enough or you lack clarity, you will fizzle out at a minor inconvenience.

All these learning and more! How am I not supposed to consider myself lucky to get a chance to know a man with steel in his backbone? Always leading with example. A visionary with great clarity, he builds people up who wants to get built.

An invincible warrior is:

Fiercely bold, Fiercely proud,
Fierce loyalty, sets him apart from the crowd!


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