Authentic networking is about bringing together like-minded people to brainstorm ideas, helping each other grow by adding value, to make the world a better place by contributing to a just cause. What is NOT authentic networking? It is far from increasing the numbers blindly or looking each contact as a potential source of income. You will ultimately be judged on the quality of what you share, not the number of people you share it with. Quality always precedes quantity.

While sending a connection request or accepting one, analyze what value can you add to the other person. How can you help them in their journey? Probably you directly can not, but you can always connect them to someone in your network who can. Also, we all are the teachers and the students at the same time. Be receptive to learn and grow from other’s journey. They might add value to you in terms of enhancing the skill set or challenging intellectually to stretch your thinking.

Authentic Networking | pay forward

Not everything has to be a barter collaboration. This is one of the most valuable lessons that I have learnt in the recent past as a result of to and fro counseling with my mentors. Help as many people as you can, in whatever way you can without expecting anything in return. If you concentrate on making those deposits selflessly, you will be surprised to see the ways you will get compensated along the way.

As I mentioned above, do not shy away in acting as a gateway for others to build authentic networks. Interdependence is the basis of stratospheric self-growth.

Networking is building your personal brand. What are the principles that you want your name to be associated with, is highly important. For me, integrity and authenticity are the top most on the list followed by consistency, quality, and transparency. Keep all these points in mind while building a quality network because your network is your net-worth.

The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity, and accountability. – Simon Mainwaring


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