Suffocate your excuses because success has no sympathy for the validity of your excuse. You might have a thousand reasons to let go, but only one reason is good enough to stay. Things are going to get tough, and as soon as you feel like it can not get any tougher, it somehow does. You might wait for things to fall into place, but you will lose out on time that will not come back.

If you do not suffocate your excuses, your excuses will eventually suffocate you. Don’t take me wrong, you might have the most genuine reason to not persevere, but at the end of the day no cause will generate no effect. That is the rule. For instance, if you were hitting the gym consistently to achieve a certain fitness level, and unfortunately you meet with an accident which has now restricted you to your bed. The reason is hundred percent genuine but at the end of the day, will you get the desired fitness that you were aiming for without continuing? We all know the answer.

Success | Journey from Why me to Try me

Coming out of a business conference, this simple phrase stuck with me. I don’t know about you guys, but I belong to the category where I keep asking myself; Why me? Why bad things happen to me? Honestly, this chain of question never took me anywhere. In fact, it made me a prisoner in my own mind. On the other hand, if I shift my perspective to try me, it opens up the path for me to fight, to persevere.
There is nothing impossible for a human being. We are all self-sufficient to make things happen, things that really matters to us. It is beyond our excuses, and the boundaries that we set for ourselves. It is not about whether we have time or not, it’s about where does a person, a thing or a situation falls on our priority list.

Hence, the quote I believe in goes as follows:
If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.
And this is applicable to every aspect of your life. If you just said no, listen closely, it just told you about your priorities.


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