Information age is great, however false information can be perpetuated really quickly. Networking is an important aspect of any endeavor. The curious being that I am, I love to know where people come from, and where they are headed in life. Pandemic made people think out of the box, and pushed them towards entrepreneurship now more than ever. Which according to me is fantastic but how certain set of people are approaching it, is disturbing.

Information Age | Digital Era

In the digital era, we all have the access to all kinds of information, but we forget to check the source of data. Most of the times what we read on the internet are nothing more than opinions. The things get serious when people start making life altering decisions based on someone else’s opinions rather than facts.

Information or Misinformation?

I am a Civil Engineer by qualification, and have the expertise in the construction industry. What if a friend of mine needs a surgery, say, an eye surgery, and what if I watch a YouTube video on how to perform an eye surgery, and offer to perform the surgery? What do you think would happen? Whereas, if my friend needs to get a home constructed, s/he can leverage my expertise, and that will make sense.

Apt Questions to ask

Before making decisions, especially the ones that can impact you or your loved ones for the long term, ask yourself the following questions.

Who do you usually get advice from? Are they the experts of the field you are exploring, someone who has the results to show or just another googling expert with a certification in YouTube videos? What is the source of information that you are studying?

If it were as easy to be successful as watching a YouTube video then the world would have been successful!

Information Age

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