Vaishali Mishra

The Founder and Principal of The Glopacters

Vaishali is an entrepreneur by passion, an architectural engineer by profession, and a poetess at heart. Creating a positive impact globally is what she strives for. As someone who had started her corporate career at the early age of 18, she has got to experience life closely and has fair share of point of references to evaluate whatever comes her way. With the entrepreneurial mentorship and guidance she received, boosted her confidence, opened the options and gave her a vision to support dreamers just like her, who feel unfulfilled with their current careers and are ready to create their next stage of work that is challenging and purposeful.

To share her testimony and learnings, she has recently started her blog :

The Tipping Point: getting mentored my way to success.

Apart from personal development and building her business, she likes to read non-fictional books, penning her thoughts down, making friends with like-minded people, and spending time in nature with a cup of ginger-tulsi tea.

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